What we're about

out with the old. in with the new.

The insurance industry is archaic, let’s face it.  It needed facelift.  That’s why Surely was created.

We know you don’t want to jump in the car to meet an agent in a stuffy office or invite them into your home and sit at your kitchen table to sell you an expensive policy.  

You’re looking for the control to find your own quotes, learn at your own pace, but have help at your fingertips. 

We’re giving the traditional insurance industry a run for their money!

what makes surely different?

Great question! We’re glad you asked…

  • Term Life Insurance is all we offer. We don't offer expensive cash value products with high commissions.
  • As an independent agency, the quotes you recieve are unbiased and personalized to your situation. We don't represent any individual carrier.
  • You're paired with a dedicated agent when you apply through Surely. That means you have someone to talk to from beginning to end.
  • Insurance costs are the same regardless of who you work with. Commissions are priced into the cost of insurance, so you can expect the same costs with us as any other insurance site.
  • Your quotes are run through a database of the best insurance companies in the industry so you don't need to shop around.
  • Surely is a privately held company run by people like you. Which means we don't answer to shareholders or investors.

"Surely was created to give you control while giving you the support you demand. our mission is to protect as many families as possible"


Matt Ruttenberg


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